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Forest Park Feast

On my way home yesterday, I was driving through Forest Park (St. Louis City) and saw a hawk on the snow-covered path right next to the road.  I immediately turned around, stopped, and got out.  The hawk went right on eating his squirrel.  I got within about a foot and took these pictures.  No other drivers seemed to notice, or wern’t interested in watching him eat. He was a big red-tailed hawk enjoying his Forest Park … Continue reading

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Learning to Write Fiction

Thousands of “How to Write Fiction” books have been written, dating back to Sherwin Cody’s 1894 How to Write Fiction, Especially the Art of Short Story Writing. Cody hadn’t published any fiction when he wrote his “how to” book. And two years later, his novel failed miserably. Cody never wrote fiction again. Or at least he never tried to publish his fiction. (In today’s electronic world, he might have tried “self-publishing” on Smashwords or CreateSpace.) … Continue reading

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The Strange Life of Another Odd Short Story

I cannot remember when or why I wrote Nuclear Power and the Civil War Lizards. Judging from the initial setting, I think I’d just started working for McDonnell Aircraft in the old Falstaff Brewery Building across the street from Forest Park, now the location of the St. Louis Science Center. That was 1978. In digging through my collection of submissions and rejections, I found a May 17, 1979 submission to Bill Plummer of Quest/79. You … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing Made Easy in Missouri – Part II

Sunfish, Scrappy Bluegill, and Big Smallmouth First, you must accept that you do not need to catch trout. A smallmouth bass is as good as a trout any day. In fact, even a small sunfish or bluegill on a fly rod can be lots of fun. My brother, who lives and fishes in Wyoming comes back to Missouri specifically to catch sunfish, bluegill, and smallmouth. Of course, when I go to Wyoming, I catch lots … Continue reading

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