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Are We All Great Writers?

Warning: I’m going to act as if I were younger and full of braggadocio like most of you young writers who boast about your voice, your muse, your “work” and fearlessly market like crazy because you are full of yourselves, as I was. What a handicap age and experience is beyond the obvious! It’s a cliché of course but as we age we increasingly understand that we know very little. While young, we understand, theoretically, … Continue reading

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Phone Home Pictures

In a previous post, I more or less marveled about how I take pictures now that I have a cell phone. Rarely took any before. These pics were taken this summer. I’ve also been reading a lot about neuroplasticity and have finally realized that I should, as all those self-help books say and I’ve scoffed at over the years, “be grateful for what you have.” So, I am grateful for where I live, in Valley … Continue reading

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