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“Dry Fly” of the St. Louis Ozarks

There’s no “matching the hatch” when I fly-fish clear Ozark streams near St. Louis, Missouri.  While I am interested in insects, bugs, and so on, I’m more interested in catching smallmouth on my fly rod.  I also enjoy seeing snakes slither acorss the water’s surface.  So I’m often asked the common question, “What are you using for bait?”  No worms, no stinkbait, or mechanical gagets, but simply “poppers.”  My first choice is a yellow popper, followed by … Continue reading

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Dry Clothes and Clean Feet – Fishing Tips

Here’s a tip or two for those of you driving on long gravel roads to clear streams, then wading for hours into the night and returning when the tempature has dropped significantly.  Always have a change of clothes in your car, including dry socks and shoes.  Carry an old blanket or sleeping bag in the trunk so that you can stand on it while you change.  Took years of driving back in wet clothes before … Continue reading

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I Could Have Been

I could have been a man famous for song for art for science and for love I could have been someone other than who I am But in the end I am who I am and we are all the same Share on Facebook

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The Panic and Pain of Mind-Body Dualism

In the opening scene of the classic semi-autobiographical comic novel Three Men In Boat, the writer Jerome K. Jerome is looking for a hay fever treatment when he casually begins reading about other diseases. By the time he’s finished, he concludes that he has every disease on the list. “I had walked into that reading-room a happy healthy man. I crawled out a decrepit wreck.” He goes to his doctor, an “old chum” who gives … Continue reading

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