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Romantic Musings

After all the flashes of anger and scenes of violence, all the perversion and political foolishness, the aging body limping but still climbing, the steady diet of Halloween horror movies and romantic comedies, I will settle for a cool afternoon run along the river, through the woods, and will create nothing short of my own reality so that at least for one elusive moment, I can believe in an illusory, romantic, selfless merging of spirits … Continue reading

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Middle Class Mortality

Middle Class Mortality Young man full of it,         at night After a few,        that was me. Did I drink…      too much? Could I see…      what was coming? I cycle the highway      Salvation Army clothes Tattering in the wind      bent wheels clacking Loose spokes, rusted fender,      what happened to my Lycra shorts? I work at Wal-Mart      my Phd in Philosophy I shoeshine on Wall Street      loose teeth … Continue reading

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