Words Mean Something

I have an obsession –words must mean something – must be read, spoken, and especially written for a purpose. Useless words are an abomination. Conversations should be calculated to inform while entertaining your partner and being sensitive to their idiosyncrasies. The goal of artful writing is to produce a group of words informative and entertainingly arranged in a series while understanding the nuances of your audience.

Too often writers write for themselves and expect everyone to love them.

In writing for yourself, in digging deep into a personal examination of your psyche you can reach a level whereby your writing transforms into literature and your personal examination expands the critical examination of all, of the human condition, expanding our awareness of ourselves in a satisfying series of words.

So, even if you are narcissistic, if you dig deep and find the source of your narcissism, and expose it on the cellular level, then your self-centeredness can be enlightening. Most times of course it is not. Most times it is clichéd third person genre. (I’m a tough cool person with my guard up but so sensitive underneath.)

All I’m asking for here is that those writers dig a litter deeper and ask themselves why? Why do I write these words? Why am I writing this critique now, I ask.

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