Ode to Women by Donald J. Trump

The following “poem” is the result of reading a book about poetry while thinking about Trump. It isn’t necessarily good poetry, and I apologize for that, especially to my literary friends. The ode uses only words by Donald J. Trump. No other words have been added. His words are the best.

Ode to Women by Donald J. Trump

“I have the best words.”

Number One, I have
Great Respect, for women.
I was the One
Who broke the glass ceiling,
on behalf of women.

My fingers are long, and
Beautiful, and my women
are more Beautiful.
All of the women
flirted with me
Consciously or unconsciously.
That’s to be expected.

Look at those hands?
Are they small hands?
My fingers are long and
Beautiful, I guarantee you.
There’s no problem,
I guarantee you.

It really doesn’t matter, as
Long as, you’ve got a
Young and Beautiful
Piece of Ass.
My daughter, she’s got the best body.
I was the One who broke, the glass.

I have so many Fabulous Friends
who happen to be Gay.
I can fully understand, why her husband
Left her for a man.

I’d look her right, in that
Fat ugly face of hers
I’d say… the only thing she’s got, is
the woman card, and the
Beautiful thing is, women,
don’t like her.
Nothing you can do maybe there is.

The Beauty of me is that I’m very Rich.


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