Enlightening Darkness (The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu)

This sequel is as good as, if not better than, Cixin Liu’s first book of his masterful trilogy, The Three Body Problem. The writing flows from the micro to the macro with realistic plausibility. The opening scene is beautifully written from the point of view of an ant on a gravestone and by the end, following an intellectually stimulating narrative, the reader has expanded into the solar system and beyond. Liu connects events over fictional centuries and hundreds of pages, treating us to gratifying moments of illumination and understanding.

Highly recommend this great book. Science fiction fans should especially enjoy The Dark Forest but it deserves a broader audience. The Chinese sifi perspective on the universe is an added bonus.

Is the universe really a Dark Forest as described by Liu? I don’t know. But it could be.

Jeffrey Penn May, author of Roobala Take Me HomeWhere the River SplitsCynthia and the Blue Cat’s Last MeowNo Teacher Left StandingEight Billion Steps: My Impossible Quest for Cancer ComedyFinding Your Fiction, and more.

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