Dazzling End (Death’s End by Cixin Liu)

By the time you get to the end of Death’s End, and Cixin Liu’s masterpiece of a trilogy, you don’t want an ending, even death’s.

Stylistically, Liu’s writing ranges from informational to poetic. He skillfully uses literary devices and techniques, referencing a book by one of the characters, inserting vitally significant fairy tales loaded with contextual clues that determine the fate of earth and the solar system, and weaves it together in the over arching narrative.

While the story seems to falter, at least for me, near the finish, it almost seems fitting because, how can there be an ending when the very nature of the world Liu has created does not end.

Cixin Liu’s brilliant trilogy (The Three Body Problem, The Dark Forest, and Death’s End) is a must read, not only for science fiction fans, but for the intellectually curious, and for readers who appreciate a good story told well.

Jeffrey Penn May, author of Roobala Take Me HomeWhere the River SplitsCynthia and the Blue Cat’s Last MeowNo Teacher Left StandingEight Billion Steps: My Impossible Quest for Cancer ComedyFinding Your Fiction, and more.


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