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Do you have a memoir, autobiography, or novel you cannot seem to finish? Or an idea that needs jump starting? Sometimes all it takes is someone who understands the writing process, someone who can guide you around pitfalls to successful completion, or someone who can get you started and set you on your way, available as needed.

I can help you find your voice and develop your unique style regardless of topic. Rates are fair and competitive, consistent with market principles, and vary depending on the project and services rendered. Once we agree on an outcome, I commit fully to the project.

Do you need my help? If so, let’s get started. Contact me at 314-496-2204 or It costs nothing to talk on the phone or exchange emails.

My experience includes awards and publications, a novel favorably reviewed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a Pushcart Prize nomination and thirty years teaching reluctant learners. Currently, I am wrapping up collaboration with a highly successful businesswoman who was unable to complete her incisive memoir until she hired me. She worked on it for over 40 years. (See “What My Writing Client Is Teaching Me.”)

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you.

Jeff May

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