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Paula Stone

“Jeff possesses that rare blend of exceptional focus, talent, and experience.  His professional expertise brings both skill and intuition to the publishing process.”
~ Paula S. Stone, wellness advocate, author

“Throughout the entire process of writing a book, from start to finish, Jeff May is a skillful editor, grammarian, and writer. He is encouraging, patient, and understanding. He is a joy to work with. I am sorry my book is finished. I will miss him.”
– Anonymous, Author of God’s Prey: Overcoming Sexual Abuse Through A Life With God.

“Jeffrey Penn May formatted and placed several of my novels on Amazon as eBooks. I am one of those people who missed the computer generation and must depend on experienced people to do various chores. Jeff was patient, answered my questions, gave direction and very importantly, did follow up and did not leave me hanging. After the job was completed I still needed his expertise and help. I cannot stress strongly enough how competent his work is as I had first hand experience with how incompetent some workers can be. Unfortunately, my typist created lots of typos that I am still trying to correct; however, Jeff has put me in contact with a highly qualified proofreader. Additionally, my typist literally begged me to give formatting work to a family member. I gave her one of the books and it is formatted crooked, and is placed in another area of Amazon kindle where I cannot access it to make changes. If depending on someone to do this for you, you need them to be experienced, extremely competent and honest – Jeff is all of those in addition to being fairly priced. I am extremely happy and satisfied with his work on my behalf.”
– Anne Steinberg, author of Manroot, The Quest, The Cuckoo’s Gift, Every Town Needs a Russian Tea Room, and Elias’s Fence.

“Thanks for your illuminating workshop presentation on Saturday. Those I’ve talked to said they thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and the rest evidenced their enthusiasm through their laughter and applause. I certainly loved it.” — Peter H. Green, Vice President—Programs, St. Louis Writers Guild.

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop, Jeff. You combine knowledge, energy, entertainment, and challenge.” — Gerry Mandel

“Jeff’s ability to explain simple concepts robustly was a definite plus.” – Chad Schrieber

“I would strongly urge beginning writers to consider taking Jeff May’s ficiton-writing workshop. Our group had many helpful and diverse suggestions.” — Eric Mosely

“Jeff’s style of teaching and writing exercises made it easy for me as a first timer to have the courage to participate and share my work!” – Andi Boyd

“This class delivered the comfortable environment I had been seeking to share my writing. It was fun and I turned some things in.” – Matt Eversgerd

“I was extremely pleased with the clear presentation of the material and the helpful structure. Jeff’s encouraging and generous personality seems well-suited for this workshop.  Very glad I did this!” — Ebba Segerberg

“The group dynamic really made the class fun. The willingness of the group to be open and constructive was very encouraging.”

“This workshop got me started writing fiction – from none at all to really excited about it.”

“Great class for a beginning writer. I learned so much. Thanks, Jeff!”

St. Louis Stream Adventures: Fly fishing made easy in Missouri
“We haven’t stopped talking about it.”– Rich Trepanier
“I had a blast! You’re a wonderful teacher!”– Jamie  Drabek
“Part psychologist, part philosopher and one hell of a  fisherman.” – Terry Potter
“I caught a ton of fish and there was never a break in the action. Jeff really knew his way around some of the local streams. The fishing was excellent! It was an overall great experience.” – Dan  Glarner

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