St. Louis Stream Adventures

Lessons and guiding to former clients only or if you can talk me into it.

Forty years fly fishing and teaching experience.

I encourage you to wade clear streams in the Missouri Ozarks,
where you can almost be guaranteed a fish on a fly rod.
Catching fish makes learning fast and fun.

St. Louis Stream Adventures Featured in:
St. Louis Small Business Monthly
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Get Out” Section
The Current News Magazine

For visitors, if you come into town for a few days, I suppose you could visit the arch, sit around the hotel pool, visit relatives, or eat too much Italian food on the hill. Again. But what is it really like tolive here? The city is great, but why neglect the surrounding countryside?  Contact Jeff at 314-496-2204 or

“We haven’t stopped talking about it.”
– Rich Trepanier
“I had a blast! You’re a wonderful teacher!”
— Jamie  Drabek
“Part psychologist, part philosopher and one hell of a  fisherman.”
— Terry Potter
“I caught a ton of fish and there was never a break in the action. Jeff really knew his way around some of the local streams. The fishing was excellent! It was an overall great experience.”
— Dan  Glarner

Anglers of Missouri – St. Louis
The Missouri Smallmouth Alliance
Ozark Fly Fishers
Missouri Conservation

He eased the fly line into the water, floating alongside the canoe, the line whipping through the air, the popper trailing, ready to catapult and lay precisely on top of the waiting bass.  But Jon heard a thump, and the line fell like a deflating balloon, and he heard Pete yell, ‘Ow! What the hell?’ Jon turned and found his red-eyed popper hooked into Pete’s head. — From “Hazards of Bat Guano”Scene89.ab_.jpgScene89.ab_.jpg


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